Micro World Rave Pound

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Take control of your fish using the mouse only

Game Details

Micro World Rave Pound

Do you dare to step into a very small world filled with fish-like characters? Micro World Rave Pound is extremely fun to enjoy and experience! This game will help you improve your surviving skill. The game is kind of like, especially its unique gameplay! Once spawning in, you will take control of a little fish and help it roam around the map as you try to fill its empty belly with various smaller targets to grow bigger and stronger. The movement will be very hard because you are always surrounded by larger fish. If you don’t move carefully, you will get eaten for sure, and if it happens, your game will be over. There will be some lights beginning to flash which will make it hard to absorb your targets as well as avoid crashing into the bigger enemies. It’s totally up to your skills! So, try your hardest to conquer the challenge! Have fun!

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