Hungry Piranha

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Use arrow keys to direct and move the piranha in the game

Game Details

Hungry Piranha

Are you willing to help a little piranha survive in the dangerous world? Jump to Hungry Piranha and start your adventure now! This is known as one of the most awesome survival games that you should check out! Being in an ocean filled with other deadly creatures, your little piranha must feel extremely scared since it has become a tasty target to other bigger aquatic creatures, especially those wicked hungry sharks. You’re here to save its day! In the game, you will direct your piranha and move it around to hunt for the fish that are smaller than you, then try to grow up, grow bigger to survive in this fierce world. Every single challenge when hunting your targets needs to take some skills, like moving and dodging, because dangers are all everywhere. Just only a slight mistake can lead your game to a failure. Try to help your piranha become the biggest and strongest creature! Good luck!

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