Fish Tales

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The mouse is used for controlling your fish

Game Details

Fish Tales

Diving into the vast ocean as a smaller fish is extremely hard! Especially when you have to survive all the bigger dangers surrounding. Join Fish Tales which is a funny survival game to get that experience now! In the game, you will be put in the shoes of a small fish, and your goal is to get bigger. To do that, you have to wander carefully around the ocean to search for fish that are smaller than you, eat them up and fill the evolution bar to become a larger fish. While moving and hunting for your targets, you are supposed to stay away from the fish that are bigger than you. Otherwise, they will eat you up, resulting in a game over. This is the battle for survival and dominance! If you don’t fully stay focused on your game, well, expect to have a bad ending for your fish! Play and earn yourself a good experience!

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