Dodge Fishy

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Use the mouse to control and move your little turtle

Game Details

Dodge Fishy

Doge Fishy is a fabulous surviving game where dodging and eating are the only missions that you have to fulfill. The game puts you in the shoes of a poor little turtle being trapped in the middle of the world filled with other deadly giant creatures. How can he survive? How can he manage to live in this world while he has no surviving skill? You’re the only one who can help him save his day! The game requires you to perform various skills for the survival. You are supposed to take control of this turtle and help him absorb all the smaller creatures appearing on the screen to boost his strength. The most important thing that you have to fulfill is to avoid! Yes, you must avoid the bigger creatures that move around you without ceasing. Otherwise, you will get killed and lead your game to an end. Are you up for this? Check it out now!

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