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Use the mouse to move your cell

Game Details is a massively multiplayer browser-based game in which you will perform your surviving and strategic skills to become the biggest blob! Once spawning in, your blob’s size is extremely small, and you have to do whatever it takes to gain its size. The only basic way is to absorb other pellets that are smaller than you. Hunting for them can be easy, can be difficult sometimes because there are always dangers around you. They are called giant blobs! You will get so big trouble if you bump into them. Being just a small blob, you are always targeted and can be turned into a tasty meal for those enormous blobs. So, try to prepare your tactics to get past all of them if you are surrounded. Otherwise, you will get eaten and have to end your game. When you get bigger, you can totally chase them back and try to become the largest blob in the leaderboard. Play it now and have a good time with it!

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