Agario 3D

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Use arrow keys or keys WASD to control the camera Move around using the mouse, tap spacebar to divide

Game Details

Agario 3D

Do you want to enjoy game with exclusive 3D graphics? Let’s jump to 3D and experience it yourself now! This awesome multiplayer browser-based game consists of another 3D-style version bringing you more joys and more amusement. No need to worry about the quality of the graphics, they are extremely great in this game! When joining, you will control your fish which is a protagonist and the main focus of the game. Try to move it around the map and eat up other targets that are smaller than you. Evolution is the main goal here as you try to keep your fish survived from being eaten by other bigger enemies. You have to move your fish carefully and stay alert to every single possible danger around you. Getting eaten means your game will be over! So, it will be too bad for you if you have to end your game like that. The more you eat, the higher score you get! Wish you luck!

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