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Control your plane using the mouse Use the mouse or tap spacebar to shoot

Game Details is a multiplayer browser-based game online which is similar to The game will bring you a bunch of excitement and amusement. Your mission is to adjust your airplane and let it fly high while trying to shoot at other opponent pilots flying around in the sky. The game requires you to perform your excellent controlling skills because it’s not easy to direct your wings well in the place filled with dangers like that. In addition, you are supposed to gather all bonuses to earn a higher score and awesome ammo. Doing this will help you increasing your rank and become the most powerful airplane in the map. Try to launch your attacks to enemies carefully and dodge their assaults at the same time. Otherwise, you will get destroyed, resulting in a game over. Also, don’t forget to prepare tactics and strategies! It will be better for you to handle all threats surrounding. Good luck!

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