Uses Of Ejecting Mass (W Key)

Besides the normal movement and splitting, Agario online game also has uses of ejecting mass (with W key). This way to help the cell enlarge. That is to eject some mass of your cell, especially, you can eject up to 16 units. By pressing W key, you can launch the mass following the direction of the cursor. Today, I will figure out some uses of ejecting mass (W key) in game. It is necessary for many situations.
The first reason is very important. Ejecting is essential in fighting against enemy cells in Cool Math Agario. To use this way, you just hit W key so that the cell can throw its mass into a virus through the enemy cell. If you feed this virus seven times, it can spawn a new virus. And this time, it will move in the opposite direction. With this method, you can attack the enemy and make it explode. Not only that, you can come and swallow smaller split parts. Remember to keep an eye on other behind your back. They can act as you have done.

Uses Of Ejecting Mass (W Key)

Uses Of Ejecting Mass (W Key)

Ejecting in Agario online game with W key is to bait others. You will use the ejected mass to bait smaller cells you are aiming. Once you become large, you can chase a smaller cell to catch it. So, you will press one or two times to launch some mass through the prey to attract it. If this cell is greedy and wants to grow, he will approach and eat your mass. When you can, you can capture him. And the quantity of mass you are trying to launch can be more if your prey is big.
Besides eating the smaller blobs, you can eject to raise your speed. When you are larger, you will move slower. In case the bigger opponent chases you, ejecting is very useful. He is sure to eat you. To escape from this dangerous situation, you should decrease your weight. Just shoot the mass elsewhere. And you will run faster because your cell is lighter.
Ejecting is used to create an alliance. It is also known as teaming in FFA mode. Having a friend in Agario game is very funny and exciting. Both of you will help each other to grow and battle whenever you need. To do that, you will send some mass to another player whom you want them to be your ally. Sending is the action to create the own team. If they send it back, you can play this game together. Don’t forget that you should not trust everyone here. The ally can cheat you.
Apply ejecting to rebuild after being exploded. When you are split by hitting an virus, your cell will have many parts. And this is the delicious food for others. So, you must hurry to defend your blobs from enemies. It’s necessary to combine parts into the biggest cell by ejecting mass through your biggest cell’s runaway. If you are close to a corner, it is very good to eject mass into the corner and avoid the opponents before they eat you.
All of these tips are the experiences I collect through battles. Hopefully, this article will help you some tactics to use ejecting with W key in Agario game.


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