The Pon

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Use the mouse to control your tadpole in the game

Game Details

The Pon

The Pond game opens a new world filled with little tadpoles. Are you up for a challenge in this wonderful strategy survival game? Similar to, this game has a unique gameplay, eat and grow up! Once joining, you have to take control of your little tadpole and try to eat other targets that are smaller than you to gain the size and become bigger. The most different point that can be found in this game is that it’s not online multiplayer, so basically, there won’t be real opponents all over the world, just only you and other enemies controlled by a computer. The game is a real single-player giving you a chance to practice and upgrade your surviving skill. While moving your tadpole, make sure that you will stay away from the giant tadpoles scattering around you, otherwise, you will get eaten, resulting in a game over. Try to pay full attention to your game and become the strongest tadpole in the game! Wish you luck!

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