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Use arrow keys or keys WASD to control the camera Move around using the mouse, tap spacebar to divide

Game Details is one of famous strategy and survival games that is playable on browsers for free. The game is like, and it features a multiplayer mode and other awesome features for all players around the world to come and enjoy. In this game, your mission is to gather all special fruits around the map. Those targets are extremely colorful, and they contain some of the wonderful bonuses, including speed boost, shield defense and much more. You will have to take control of your snake and help it move around to collect those targets, increase your size and become the biggest and longest snake in the map ever! There are so many enormous enemies that you may bump into on your way, so try to avoid them at all costs. Otherwise, you will get eaten and lead your game to the failure. The longer you survive, the better your score will be. You ready? Check it out now!

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