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Use the mouse to control and move your snake in the game

Game Details online is a game like This is also a famous strategy survival game taking you to the world full of snakes. The game is playable on many browsers with tons of players coming from all over the world. In, you will take control of a snake and try to develop its size by absorbing all the glowing pellets around. The way you move your snake has to be very carefully, because if you crash into other snakes or even just a slight touch, your game will have to stop, causing you to get blown up. This will work to other snakes as well! If they touch you, their game will come to a failure, even if they are bigger than you a lot. Your goal is to survive longer and try to become the most powerful snake in the leaderboard. To do that, you need to prepare more tactics and strategies to deal with all dangers surrounding as well as defeat the opponent snakes by luring them to crash into you. Wish you luck!

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