Plankton Life 2

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Use the mouse or arrow keys to move and control in the game

Game Details

Plankton Life 2

Plankton Life 2 is so amazing and awesome to play! Are you ready to become a tiny fish swimming around the space filled with dangers and other enemies? Your mission in this game is to take control of your fish and help him eat up plankton around while trying to dodge the wicked fish. The game requires your controlling skill, so you need to perform it well to conquer all challenges easily. There will be an evolution bar showing below the screen. While you move your character, you should check on that bar regularly. Your goal is to evolve the character as much as possible and dodge all the big bosses. The movement speed of your character may get faster, to let him move smoothly and skillfully, try to use your keyboard, which will also help you go around under the water easily. Are you ready? Check this game out and see how many times you can evolve! Good luck!

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