Agar.Io: How To Be Leader

With this video, you can learn the best way how to be leader in game.
• As soon as you open it, you can see that the main character I want to talk is the big yellow cell. It is present in Agario online leader board in the top positions.
• After some seconds, it split into two parts to absorb a smaller guy easily. It moves pretty quick but carefully.
• In Agarz game, chasing a smaller blobs and waiting until it splits is very necessary. You can swallow its separated blobs.
• It’s time to gather all pieces into one cell. The cell becomes large. While moving, it always keeps an eye on the split groups and big opponent. They are the delicious bait. You can have the chance to enlarge by splitting with Spacebar.
These are strategies to survive, grow and be the leader in Also, they are the way to escape from the enemy. Keep moving and realize your dream after watching our video! Good luck!


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