Agar.Io: Avoid From Corners!

Agar.Io Avoid From Corners!

Agar.Io Avoid From Corners!

Playing game also helps you improve and train your strategic skills. Once entering the game map, you will start your adventure in the form of a tiny blob moving around to search for the smaller targets. The game objective is to develop the size of your blob until it gets larger or even oversized so that you can eat other bigger blobs back to score more points and become the leader. The initial strategy that you need to acquire is “Stay alive till 150” because it will take you a long period if you want to get bigger, which means you are required to stay alive until you reach mass 150. To do this, you must remember that you shouldn’t say around the corners because they are dangerous places. Your blob might be pushed into a corner, and then you will get eaten for sure. Try to keep your blob away from them until you reach your target. If you can handle this tip skillfully, you will obtain your goal for sure!

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